About Us

Who We Are

MTMKN Training Institute is a private educational institute established in 2015 in Abu Dhabi to provide a high quality training programs to Emiratis and expats learners in the UAE.

MTMKN offers high caliber training courses that are taught by experienced practitioners with a passion for sharing speculative and practical lessons from the various business trenches. We offer top-notch training courses, workshops, seminars, and diplomas that would help you upgrading your knowledge and use your new skills whether in your current role, a higher position, or in landing a new a job.

MTMKN training institute's courses and certificares are recognized by Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical & Vocational Education & Training under ACTVET license no. 378/2016, Abu Dhabi, UAE.



Is to provide a incomparable quality training solutions to inspire and empower adult learners in UAE



Is to position MTMKN Training institute within the top ranked private training providers in UAE   

What We Do

MTMKN Training Institute provides learning programs in the followings:

  • Administration Business Training
  • Security and Safety Training
  • Traffic Awareness
  • Real Estate Training
  • Electrical & Electronic Devices (Mechatronics)
  • Banking & Finance

Our Services

Provide annual scheduled training programs prepared in accordance with international standards to various clients and sectors that includes, and not limited to; business terrain, R&D, Business Intelligence, Oil & Gas, …
The programs / trainings are provided either in Arabic or English language, according to customers’ preferences and their very needs and aspirations. 
MTMKN training programs are classified as follows: training courses, workshops, seminars, and diplomas.

Our Values


To be the best in providing excellent training and consulting services that are free of defects and errors with a commitment to the international training standards, and an obligation to work correctly and have the best of performance standards from the first time and every time. 

(Quality that you can count on… Quality is not an act, it is a habit!)


We strive to meet the objective of innovation in all our training approaches and training concepts.


We are committed to perform to the highest standards of cultural sensitivity and ethical practices


credibility, accuracy of the information, commitment to implement all of our training programs, and transparency to deal with our customers to serve the vision and mission of MTMKN Training Institute.


We create an environment of mutual respect with our employees, partners and customers


We love what we do and we are passionate about training and the student’s lifelong education.