Development of administrative data

number of days: 3


This course examines the basics of what administrative data are:
• where they come from
• how they can be used for research
• what the data produced for research projects look like
• the skills needed to work with them
• basic statistical analysis of these data

Course Outcome

The term administrative data refers to information about individual children, families, and/or providers of early care and education and other family benefits that is collected and maintained as part of the operation of government programs. The resources on this page were selected from a collection of resources about acquiring, using, managing, linking, and analyzing administrative data in early childhood or related fields. The current resources were selected because they:
1- highlighted advantages and disadvantages to using administrative data;
2- detailed steps or procedures about how to use administrative data;
3- provided state examples about administrative data use; or
4- were tools or toolkits that housed information about administrative data.

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