Property Management
Property Management

Human Resource Management for Real Estate Practitioners

number of days: 5


This course will enable the students to gain an in-depth knowledge with regards to managing Human Resources in various types of real estate business practices. This particular topic has always been one of the priorities of all management levels of these companies. All essential elements required to manage and control the cost of employees using various methods and tools available for hiring, training and development, measuring performance, retention, conducting evaluations, promotions, and terminations. Students will also be introduced to UAE labor laws in general and those which directly pertain to the real estate industry.

Course Content

- Imported labor Issues of employment.
- The types of jobs in real estate.
- Labor budgets.
- Staff Development - train, retain, Promote.
- The career incentives for different types of positions - Salary, Percentage, Commissions, and Raises.
- How to create a positive atmosphere for employment.
- Working from home via the internet-pros and cons.
- General Introduction to labor law.
- The Employment contract. Types.
- Reporting and records management.
- The importance of continuous communication between the administration and other branches and divisions - sharing the vision and goals.
- Performance evaluation methods.
- Praise and Reprimand.
- Kinds of performance indicators (KPI).
- Work ethics.

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