Property Management
Property Management

IT & GIS Systems in Properties - SMART BUILDINGS

number of days: 5


This course sheds some light about a fast emerging need to have electronic intelligence (performance control, systems management, survailance & tracking, report generation, and access control). The term SMART is becoming very popular in various aspects of our lives such as, smart cars, smart phones, and smart homes & Buildings. A building that contains some degree of automation, such as centralized control over HVAC systems, fire safety and security access systems, and telecommunication systems can be called "SMART Building". The students will also learn about the various systems, technologies, and some basic software available for integration within the design of various real estate projects.

Course Content

- The importance of information technologies in buildings today.
- Informatics infrastructure.
- Available different kinds of equipment.
- Special considerations in the design of buildings.
- Sensors and remote control.
- Software available various kinds.
- Direct alarms.
- Motion control and geographic tracking of individuals.
- Electronic data archiving rules.
- Information Security - saved and restored. Disaster Recovery.
- Identify modernization and maintenance budgets.
- Biosecurity techniques.
- Protection from hack and manipulation.
- Informatics reports and various kinds.

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