Property Management
Property Management

Managing Property Maintenance

number of days: 5


The subject of maintenance management in real estate of various kinds is extremely important from the standpoint of building operation, its safety, and the safety of those who dwell own and tenants on Also. The maintenance management practices in the Middle East in general, systematically and scientifically, hardly exist in majority of buildings. This caused a lot of deified incidents and serious damage to the building and caused loss of lives of the population were not to occur if there is a good organization of the maintenance process that clearly define the financial, technical, and legal responsibilities of everyone involved. This course provides the students with the necessary knowledge of all possible and necessary aspects of building maintenance of all kinds.

Course Content

- Definition of general maintenance of buildings and various kinds.
- What you need to maintain?
- Fixtures and equipment in various types of real estate.
- Preventive and corrective maintenance.
- Maintenance contracts and responsibilities of the owner and resident of the property.
- Maintenance and various types of budgets.
- Cost control.
- The importance of follow-up and continuous development.
- Service quality and longevity of investment real estate projects.
- Lifespan for different types of buildings.

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