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Negotiation Skills

number of days: 3


Negotiation, persuasion, and influence, all means and methods in dialogue. Its success or failure lies in several elements, basic transforms itself, both sides of the negotiation, between the stubbornness and arrogance, of the first party, ignorance, poor argument, and the fragility of the profile, from the other end, lost many rights, here lies the malady. This material contains a lot of skills required and the different methods that can be followed by negotiators to achieve the desired results.

Course Content

- The successful negotiator specifications.
- Personal strength and flexibility.
- The power of argument and evidence.
- Good Listening the other party.
- Wisdom in the selection of phrases that address the mind and conscience.
- Lack of intolerance to other's opinion.
- The courage to acknowledge your own mistakes.
- Knowledge, and accuracy of the information.
- Knowing the psychology of the other party, and methods of thinking.
- Knowledge of the entrances to the soul, and how to influence them, each own the same keys.
- Praise for each positive attitude, seemed to him from the other party.
- Knowledge of everything related to the ethics of dialogue.
- A willingness to sacrifice a fraction of the rights.
- Workshops and exchange of roles.

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