Property Management
Property Management

Principles of Real Estate Knowledge - Beginner

number of days: 5


This educational material is considered as the primary entrance to the principles of real estate knowledge. After the student can pass the exam successfully configure a preliminary idea about the world of real estate knowledge. This article is the first part of a total of three educational materials earn the student a good knowledge of the world of the real estate related activities. This course is prerequisite for the courses which follow.

Course Content

- Introduction to understanding features of the real estate market (local, regional, international) .. explanation of some of the experiences.
- The healthy environment for the growth of the real estate sector and its impact on the country's economic growth.
- An explanation of the pros and cons of the real estate market.
- Explaining the benefits of regulating real estate market and the need to comply with its laws and legislation. 
- The responsibilities and duties of workers in real estate.
- The ethics of working various real estate professions.

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