Property Management
Property Management

Property Appraisal

number of days: 5


Real estate valuation science introduces a lot of regulation to real estate market prices and provides the necessary controls to maintain balance in all types of real estate transactions. The valuation principle and accurate accounts give stability in the property market and increase price or landing logically according to the economic reality of supply and demand in the property market. The valuation principle also neutrality between all parties by giving priority to the market, Location, surroundings, and the construction and finishing of the building. Real estate appraiser's report is the starting point of many real estate transactions of buying, selling, renting or leasing.

Course Content

- The emergence of real estate valuation.
- The concept of real estate valuation.
- The importance of real estate valuation.
- The qualifications and qualities of the real estate appraiser (expertise, neutrality).
- Real estate valuation purposes.
- Mortgage crises.
- Uniform requirements for valuing real estate.
- Ethics (behavior, the administration, secrecy, save documents).
- Relationship between financing officer with Property Appraiser.
- Method of valuation through the income statement.
- The importance of reading and understanding economic indicators.
- Planned economic activity.
- Income and expense accounts.
- The valuation of land and the rights of the depths.
- Effects of inflation.
- Speculative Pricing.
- Expert's Reports of different types and the importance of their role in the valuation.
- Viable and non-viable improvements in property valuation.

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