Property Management
Property Management

Property Development

number of days: 5


This is about the most important topic in Real Estate the should be strictly implemented in all its, legal, Technical, and Operational aspects. This introductory course provides a fairly in depth coverage to what could be a very widely complex topic.

Course Content

- Feasibility study – It's a must-do.
- Land & real estate and various classifications and Zoning.
- Local, regional and global influences on real estate development decisions.
- Climatic conditions and the importance of their different impacts.
- What the decision of the improvements to the status quo or reconstruction?
- Historical buildings and how to deal with it.
- The relationship between the owner and developer. The different responsibilities of each of them. The missing link.
- Construction techniques and various kinds.
- The governing laws and legislative bodies responsible.
- Public infrastructure and the importance of their role in decision-making.
- Contracts and licenses and various kinds.
- Funding and various kinds.
- The length of time for the completion of the factors affecting the cost.
- Inflation and its impact on global economic impact of, regional and local levels.
- Prices of stock exchanges.
- The principles of BOT (Build - Operate – Transfer), its benefits & Risks.
- Investment and profitability in land and real estate.
- Charities and endowment.
- Insurance and Warrantee.
- Inheritance of real estate and the rights of the heirs.

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