Property Management
Property Management

Property Management

number of days: 5


Rehabilitative programmed was prepared for the management and marketing of real estate and valued by the expert real estate adviser portentous febrile who carries a long experience in that profession under the supervision of Canadian experts and is geared for those looking for competence in the world of real estate and investments, making them prepared to work in this important field with confidence and contentment and true and scientific methods and not traditional as the norm. As the program is also directed to those who work in real estate but they need more training to correct their non-scientific methods without intending so that they can develop their academic form a positive impact on their business.

Course Content

- Introduction, definitions, rankings.
- Real estate culture.
- Real estate economic cycle.
- Management Plan.
- Lease Contracts (Individuals, uniform).
- Management contracts.
- Responsibilities of the parties (the developer, manager, buyer, tenant).
- Budgets and expenses.
- Style and technology supervision (real estate HR).
- Investment returns on real estate projects account.
- Management of housing associations - owners and investors.
- About Management Owners Association.

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