Property Management
Property Management

Property Safety & Security - Available Equipment & Technologies

number of days: 5


This particular subject is paramount to Implement with firmness and seriousness. The principle of "the Global Village" and ease of travel around the world for all people to much pressure and responsibility on travel agencies and homeland security. Security technologies market saw all kinds of unprecedented development due to the differing needs of users of all walks of life. Security of real estate is extremely important from the point of view of the competent governmental authorities and owners and the beneficiaries of the estate residents or tenants. This learning course provides an overview of what technologies and equipment are currently available and extremely important for security.

Course Content

- The importance of real estate security and its relationship to national security.
- Responsibilities of the Government and civil defense.
- Owner's responsibilities.
- Responsibilities of tenants.
- Today's security technologies (direct, radar, Laser, and satellite).
- Security equipment available to the general public.
- Mandatory equipment for buildings and their benefits.
- Allocating for wiring in the building design.
- The building's security office and library of security files.
- Personal freedom and buildings security - the rights and obligations.

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