Property Management
Property Management

Real Estate Finance & Mortgage

number of days: 5


Finance & and mortgage in the Middle East, is a relatively new practice in many Arab States. This course will provide a deep insight about these two essential practices from Regular and Islamic points of view. In Addition, knowing about the various ways of financing and mortgaging available today makes many more Real Estate transactions possible that were not available before.

Course Content

- Conventional and Islamic financing and calculating risks.
- Spotlight on real estate valuation through controls to curb speculation and random inflated land prices.
- Escrow accounts and mechanism of the developer's adherence to procedures and legislation.
- Funding sources and types.
- How and conditions of banking transactions.
- Types of loans and mortgages.
- Lease - to - own structure.
- Compounded Mortgage, benefits and risks.
- The concept of the BOT and its benefits and Risks.
- The principle of private funding from third parties OPM.
- Funding housing associations.

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