Property Management
Property Management

Real Estate Insurance (Land & Building)

number of days: 5


This course contains important educational definitions and information about the insurance world in General and the different types of property insurance in particular. This topic is of great importance in various real estate transactions to safeguard the rights of owners, developers, and people in different types of properties. Much is explained in great length about the terms and conditions that may not be noticeable in various types of insurance contracts but only known to those who have been long term practitioners or experts.

Course Content

- General Definitions world of insurance and types.
- Insurance companies and types - Reinsurance.
- The various choices of insurance Policies and coverages.
- Insurance contracts - Terms and Conditions.
- The cost of insurance and its calculations.
- Insurance and Islamic law.
- Coverages and Exceptions.
- Compensation and how they work.

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