Property Management
Property Management

Real Estate Marketing & Advertising

number of days: 5


Marketing & Advertising in Real Estate is an essential knowledge needed to become a successful practitioner. Technological advances has made marketing tools much more widely available to match life's complexities. Social Media and many other marketing and advertising tools that became available today, has made possible to be more effective in becoming known in the Real Estate Market. This course will provide students with the essential principles and tools needed to market and advertise about your company and products.

Course Content

- Choose the elements of the marketing plan.
- Mass communication.
- Stages of preparing a marketing plan.
- Real estate brokerage (leasing and brokerage offices).
- Listing Prospect Clients and the method follow-ups.
- The principle of Precision Marketing and its benefits.
- Marketing and advertising budgets.
- The modern and effective advertising today.
- Continuous research and development for the real estate market movement.

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