Property Management
Property Management

Real Estate Owners Association

number of days: 5


This Course gives a clear idea about the owners Association who is responsible for the management and operation of the common areas and common use to everyone in their particular real estate project, in addition to maintenance, repair, renovation, or replacements in these areas. The legal entity of the Association Angel is nonprofit. They can sue the defaulting of various kinds, and can raise a claim against them in the event of they default in performance. The joint property may be described as this part of the site that are not part of the unit. "owners" within the owners association are required to pay fees for services that contribute to maintain the property and common facilities.

Course Content

1. Owners Association, Definition & Responsibilities.
2. Common Property.
3. An Owner & the Owners Association.
4. Community Rules.
5. Income & Expenditure Budgets.
6. Managing Common Property.
7. General Assembly Meetings.
8. Management Board.
9. Insurance.
10. Owners Association Manager.
11. Facilities Management & Maintenance.

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