Property Management
Property Management

Understanding Land Department & Municipality Laws & Regulations

number of days: 5


One of the most sensitive subjects in the practice of real estate from start of any project, and stays ongoing thereafter, is the laws and regulations of the Land Department and Municipality. Much of the project delays and penalties happen because, someone somewhere who is involved in the design or execution is not familiar with the laws, regulations, building codes, or safety requirements. Students in this course will gain an in-depth knowledge about the major laws and regulations covering as much as possible of the requirements from start of design to finishing the construction and ongoing as long as the project exists.

Course Content

- Legislative bodies.
- General laws - civil, criminal, penal.
- Real estate laws and types.
- Executive bodies.
- The role of Master planning and expansion plans.
- Responsibilities of providing infrastructure.
- Types of contracts for various real estate transactions.
- Force majeure - climate, wars, earthquakes.
- Municipality's right to reclaim property for the purpose of expansion.
- Licenses and various Types.
- The principle of time - Controlled Ownership. Sell or Auction.
- The role of the courts and tribunals and how to handle it.
- Dealing with lawyers - for the prosecution and defense.
- About arbitration and how it is done.

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